Jordyne has written extensively on Black women and girls and their experiences with racialized terror and sexual violence. Her work has been published nationally in ESSENCE magazine and TIME online. While her work focuses on intersectionality, particularly as it relates to gender and race, she has also written about privilege, oppression, and some of the most important social justice issues of our time. Her work aims to encourage audiences to think critically about the various ways we all simultaneously exercise privilege and experience oppression.

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Ain't I a Woman: Addressing the Epidemic of Violence Against Black Trans Women

Elisha Walker was a beautiful, joyful, kind, 20 year old whose life was stolen from her. She happened to be one of several Black trans women we lost in 2015, and she was right down the road in Salisbury, NC. In the May 2016 issue of ESSENCE, read about Elisha and violence trans women of color face across the country.

Our Sisters Keeper?

‘Our Sisters Keeper?’ explores the imbalanced activism of recent social justice movements to end anti Black violence. Interviews with top activists identified ways in which Black men can better support Black women who are victimized by racialized terror and sexual violence.

Getting Real About Domestic Abuse

Among Black women killed by their partner, almost half were killed while in the process of leaving the relationship. Black women are substantially impacted by gender based violence and Getting Real explores the very real and tremendous threat Black women face in violent relationships.