Jordyne is a thoughtful, engaged leader with experience in the transportation, education and political industries. The services she provides aim to make you or your organization better, smarter, and safer. Whether she is delivering a graduation address, assisting a university with Title IX compliance, or challenging others to think critically about women and girls of color, Jordyne is someone you want on your team. Her goal is to expand articulation, assisting individuals of all backgrounds and all identities in understanding complex ideas in fundamental ways. Learn more about how Jordyne can work with you below.


Invite me to write for your next publication on topics related to race, gender, gender based violence, and intersectionality.


Bring me to your company or organization to provide consultation, education or an address on diversity, equity, and civil rights compliance issues.


Explore my photography, design, and event planning creative services. These are passion projects that have allowed me to develop a completely different skill set!