There is something electric in the air right now. As the gyms get crowded and whole foods line is longer and the temperatures drop further and further– on my walks home I am reminded that there is already more light than there was at 5 pm in December. There is something electric in the air.

Hope is a stubborn beast. It has a way of showing up despite my best efforts to slash and dash it by ingesting continued messages of impending doom. Still every morning, I check the weather– delight at the sound of a double digit temperature, even if it’s one barely able to drink. There are quiet moments where I am grateful at the chance. The chance to walk to work, to eat better, to meet my steps goal, to do yoga tonight, to deep condition my hair, and to watch my loved ones soar. There is something electric in the air.

I still smile to myself at the thought of what is to come and what has already been had. Even where there is pain I smile. I looked backed at photos of myself at my most depressed– after a bad breakup. Pictures that once made me wince make me smirk with a sort of strange contentedness; I will never feel that way… in that way…. again. It is gone, never to return. The next pain will be a different pain, and I’ll hate it until I realize I won’t ever feel it again. I can’t ever do the same things with it, write about it the same, lose my appetite the same, graduate in spite of it the same. I don’t know how to say this other than to say, there is something electric in the air.

There is a knowing. A gnawing replaying of ‘it’s gon be alright’ in the back of our minds. And a look back at the most tragic and the most high with a knowing that this is for us. This time, this chance, is ours if we let it. And then I’m reminded of the immense power and danger inherent in electricity.

We have choices to make. At every moment, we have to decide. There is indeed electricity in the air. Will we be conduits? Will we protect the electricity by creating the kind of art that transmits the greatest of ourselves? Or perhaps we’ll be conductors, there to permit the electricity to flow freely? Will we be electric? Fundamental forms of energy. Power. Or will we get in the way and be electrocuted?

Who will we decide to be? At every moment. At every opportunity. We get a chance to BE power, to exist. To permit others to exist freely. To protect the existence of our most vulnerable by channeling our intrinsic power.

Oh yes no doubt there is something electric in the air. Something moving us to make our best decisions. To be the way rather than be in the way. To love and care for others like we will never have the opportunity to again because these moments only happen this way once. And hope is stubborn. And the gyms are crowded and the lines are longer and the temperature is lower but the air? The air is carrying something utterly electric.

Choose to take part.

Happy New Year! <3