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Jordyne Blaise and Associates has rebranded. We are now Molt + Moxie consulting. This website will remain the home for the personal branding and marketing of Jordyne Blaise (the individual). Jordyne Blaise and Associates, the diversity and leadership consulting firm, is now Molt + Moxie. We are the same amazing company you know and love, but are evolving into an organization that has room to grow in the future while still allowing me to maintain my own identity and explore ventures beyond DEI.

TLDR: If you're looking to book Jordyne as a guest speaker or coach, you're in the right place. If you're looking for consulting services related to diversity, equity and inclusion, please visit or email

Get to Know Me

I'm the owner of Molt + Moxie, a boutique diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations embed diversity into their way of work. I have given talks to global audiences about diversity, equity and liberation and been published nationally speaking about the same. I believe that advancing justice is my professional responsibility and living long and fully enough to enjoy it is my ancestral right. I am an artist and creator who uses my writing and influence to make freedom contagious. I want to help you leverage your power for great and use your voice to create a more just world.


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What I Do

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Molt + Moxie is a boutique consulting firm that supports organizations in creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive environments.

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I coach people who struggle with addressing inequity find their moxie and use their power to create a more just world.

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I write to encourage audiences to think critically about our collective and individual relationships with privilege and oppression.

Jordyne Blaise

pronouns: she/her/ella

pronunciation: jor-deen blayz

Press + Media

Please use the following bio and photo for speaking engagements:

Jordyne Blaise is a diversity, inclusion, equity and leadership consultant, strategist, facilitator and coach. Through her consultancy, Molt + Moxie, she provides inclusive leadership coaching, workshop facilitation and thought partnership by way of strategic planning to organizations seeking to build or bolster their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. As a dynamic speaker and facilitator, Jordyne works with leaders at all levels, challenging conventional wisdom and inspiring meaningful dialogue. Whether addressing unconscious bias, microaggressions, or systemic inequality, she fosters a safe space for introspection and growth, catalyzing transformative change at every level.

She has been published nationally as a leading scholar in the areas of civil rights, diversity, equity, and intersectionality. Her contributions have been featured in The Atlantic, TIME, and Essence. Prior to her work in diversity consulting, Jordyne worked in employment law and civil rights compliance. She has lead diversity programs at Harvard Law School, bluebird bio, NC State University, and articulate among others. Throughout her career, Blaise has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and government agencies to develop comprehensive diversity strategies tailored to their unique needs. Her innovative approach combines cutting-edge research with practical interventions, empowering organizations to embrace diversity not just as a moral imperative but as a strategic advantage.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and African American studies and her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University. A native of Miami, Florida, Jordyne currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her amazing partner, dynamic daughter and purrfect dog.

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